Getting API Gateway to post direct to SQS

Written on May 3, 2019

Do more with less

In the last post we looked at using CDK to develop a serverless pipeline to deploy code. So now it’s time to iterate and see if we can improve things.

I remember seeing at post from Richard Boyd on Mastering API Gateway in 105 easy steps which is a great read on how powerful API Gateway can be integrating with a laundry list of AWS services out fo the box.

So I figured we could drop one of my Lambda functions and get API Gateway to post direct to SQS. I thought this was going to be simple, but it turns out API Gateway is a bit of a beast and requires some request/response transforms and mappings, but we got there in the end and thought I would share.

This is what the main CDK file looks like now with regards to API Gateway and SQS.

    //Create an IAM Role for API Gateway to assume
    const apiGatewayRole = new iam.Role(sharedStack, 'ApiGatewayRole', {
    assumedBy: new ServicePrincipal('')

    //Create an empty response model for API Gateway
    var model :EmptyModel = {
    modelId: "Empty"

    //Create a method response for API Gateway using the empty model
    var methodResponse :MethodResponse = {
    statusCode: '200',
    responseModels: {'application/json': model}

    //Add the method options with method response to use in API Method
    var methodOptions :MethodOptions = {
    methodResponses: [

    //Create intergration response for SQS
    var integrationResponse :IntegrationResponse = {
    statusCode: '200'

    //Create integration options for API Method
    var integrationOptions :IntegrationOptions = {
    credentialsRole: apiGatewayRole,
    requestParameters: {
        'integration.request.header.Content-Type': "'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'"
    requestTemplates: {
        'application/json': 'Action=SendMessage&QueueUrl=$util.urlEncode("' + sqsQueue.queueUrl + '")&MessageBody=$util.urlEncode($input.body)'
    integrationResponses: [

    //Create the SQS Integration
    const apiGatewayIntegration = new apigw.AwsIntegration({ 
    service: "sqs",
    path: sharedStack.env.account + '/' + sqsQueue.queueName,
    integrationHttpMethod: "POST",
    options: integrationOptions,

    //Create the API Gateway
    const apiGateway = new apigw.RestApi(sharedStack, "Endpoint");

    //Create a API Gateway Resource
    const msg = apiGateway.root.addResource('msg');

    //Create a Resource Method
    msg.addMethod('POST', apiGatewayIntegration, methodOptions);

    //Grant API GW IAM Role access to post to SQS

Check out the full source here

Now I can remove the Lambda function, pipeline and most importantly save some $$$

Written on May 3, 2019